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Separation Anxiety
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Separation Anxiety

Does your dog bark, howl or pace while alone? Do they break out of crates, chew up your doors or windows, or use the floor as a toilet? Separation anxiety is a heartbreaking condition, but there is help.

My separation anxiety protocol uses systematic desensitization to help teach dogs that being left alone is not scary – it’s boring!

We start by booking an information and assessment session where we meet online via Zoom. We will discuss the protocol, look at the spreadsheets, and then I will observe your dog’s behaviour while you leave the home (just briefly, we won’t be sending your dog into panic). The cost for this session is $160 plus GST.

If you choose to proceed with the training protocol, I will create your first separation anxiety “mission”. You can do your mission at any time that works for you, and you will observe your dog with your camera while you train. Your notes will be entered into a Google spreadsheet so I can see how the mission went. Based on your notes, I create the next day’s mission. No guesswork for you, just observation and documentation.

Your training time will be 20-30 minutes per day, four days a week, plus one day per week that we would meet via Zoom so I can watch you do a reassessment mission.

As I mentioned, management to prevent dogs from going over the panic threshold is a really important part of this protocol. That means not leaving your pup alone for longer than they can handle. There are many options available for this management necessity – doggy daycare, working from home, pet sitters, dog walkers, neighbours, taking your dog to work, friends or family,

The first six week package is $975 plus GST. This includes six weeks of daily mission creation, four live Zoom assessments and email support and guidance.

email me: allison@ethicalcanine.ca

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