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Resource Guarding
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Resource Guarding

Dogs may show possessive or aggressive behaviours towards people or other dogs/animals, and they can guard food, treats, chews, toys, spaces, or people. While this is a natural behaviour, it can be extremely stressful to live with.

All of my behaviour change programs begin with an online consultation. This is a 60-75 minute online video call for $200 (plus GST) and includes the following:

  • A thorough discussion of your dog’s behaviour problem, probable causes, and likely prognosis
  • Management strategies and first steps to keep problems from escalating and keep everyone safe
  • Personalized template for behavioural wellness
  • Product recommendations/where to buy
  • Simplified first behaviour modification steps
  • Video review and feedback (You’re encouraged to submit videos prior to our meeting)
  • Body language resources
  • A letter/behaviour report for your vet, strata/homeowner’s association or Animal Control if needed
  • Pet Insurance Paperwork completion
  • Follow up package recommendations and explanation
  • Access to all information for 6 months or the full length of your behaviour modification package

Expect to schedule your first follow-up session at the end of your online consultation.  Almost all behaviour issues will require follow up sessions for successful resolution. The cost and length of the follow ups will depend on where they take place, and after our consultation I will recommend the best training package to help you meet your goals.  Both in-person and online follow ups are available, depending on preference, location and behaviour concerns.  In-person sessions will be held in Sooke or the Westshore area.  

  • Management skills and games
  • Exercise and enrichment recommendations for behavioural fulfillment
  • Detailed instructions on behaviour modification steps
  • Video requests and review
  • Written homework uploaded to your personal Google Drive Folder
  • Email support available during the package

My Resource Guarding program is 8 x 30 minute online sessions for $750 plus GST

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