Online Trainer Mentoring
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Online Trainer Mentoring

I offer virtual mentorship for newer trainers or behaviour consultants. If you’ve got a tricky case you’d love some guidance on, please reach out.

We will start with a 1 hour meeting via Zoom so I can get to know you and get details on a specific case or project you’re working on ($100).

Follow ups can be done over Zoom calls or email feedback, charged at $100/60 minutes of my time

  • I can offer my expertise on specific cases you’re working on, perhaps you’re new to aggression cases, or perhaps this case is a bit more complex than previous cases you’ve worked
  • I can offer assistance in setting up group classes or activities for reactive dogs in a safe and successful ways
  • If you are a crossover trainer who is searching for more humane and aversive-free solutions to behaviour issues you have worked with in the past, I can advise you (I am a crossover trainer who has previously used aversives to train)
  • Mentorship is not available for Separation Anxiety cases, but send me an email and I can try to find someone to assist you

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