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Leash Lungers
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Leash Lungers Reactive Dog Class

Our popular ‘Leash Lungers’ class will teach you how to train your dog to stop lunging and barking at other dogs and how to make your walks much more enjoyable!

This class is not a “free for all” where reactive dogs are flooded and corrected for reacting. It is a small (4 dogs only), well designed and carefully run course where dogs are set up to practice the behaviours we want – being calm and responsive in the presence of other dogs!

As a handler, you will also learn to read your dog’s body language, understand stress and how it impacts your dog, and how to make quick decisions to support your dog.

Read our detailed Information Sheet for commonly asked questions: Leash Lungers Class Information

Leash Lungers is an 8 week class held in Langford. The first class is humans only. Dogs should be comfortable waiting alone in their vehicles for short periods of time (temperature permitting).


Langford: Thursday Nights at 7:30pm-8:30pm

8 weeks. $450 plus GST. Approved application required to ensure the class is appropriate for your dog and for the safety of all participants.

Thursday June 6th – Full

Taking names for September session now!

NEW – Auditing available!

Cost is $200 plus GST

You will be able to watch the classes

Access to homework

Ask questions and email

You won’t be eligible to join the Socially Distanced Dog Club unless you book further training so I can see your dog in person

You will be eligible for a discount on an Initial Consultation

Max 2 auditors per class

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